Sunday, March 17, 2013

Congo Dawn {Review}

Congo Dawn, by Jeanette Windle is not my typical light reading that I usually stick to.  When I read that it was about Africa and missionaries, I decided to review it since we were right in the middle of studying Africa and some of it's missionaries in our school studies (although it is not something I would read with my kiddos!). I thought it was off to a slow start but it did get much better then farther I read.

Book Description:
While former Marine lieutenant Robin Duncan is no stranger to corruption or conspiracy, she has always been able to tell the good guys from the bad, and the Congo jungle at first seems no different. But as her security team tries to track down an insurgent killer, Robin has to face a man who broke her trust years ago, and she discovers the gray areas extend farther in this jungle wilderness than she anticipated.

A ruthless global conspiracy begins to surface, run by powerful men who can’t afford to leave any witnesses. Her life at stake, Robin doesn’t know who to trust and wonders how she can help protect innocent people. Why is God silent amid all the pain and injustice? And how do these people of faith continue to rejoice in their suffering?

Despite the slow start, I ended up really liking Congo Dawn.  It was suspenseful and informative with a bit of romance thrown in.  I learned quite a bit about life in the Congo and the suffering of those living there.  A large part of the book was about how the people could still rejoice in the love of Jesus and be a light in the darkness despite their suffering. Overall is was a great read and I highly recommend this book!
I received this book for free for review from Tyndale House Publishers.


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