Friday, March 15, 2013

Caps For Sale!

I love to crochet.  It is very relaxing to do in the evening after the kids are in bed.  I also love the challenge of a new pattern.  I usually give most of my hats away as gifts, but lately I've been making more than I have needed.  So I have decided to try and sell some of them.  As most homeschoolers know, curriculum can get pricey, so hopefully this is a way we can help offset some of our costs.  Below you will find most of the current hats I have on hand listed with their color, size, and price.  If you see something you like but want a different color or size or it is sold, let me know and I would love to whip it up for you! :)  I am willing to ship to those of you who are not local to me, please add $3 for shipping. I have only used free patterns or made my own up, so if possible, I will link to the pattern for those of you who might want to crochet your own. My email is tolsmamm at juno dot com.  Thanks in advance for any of you who choose to help us out and purchase a hat!

Black, white, and pink cow hat: 6-12 months, $18 *SOLD*

Button flap beanies: newborn purple, newborn white, 6 months light green, $12 each (find pattern HERE)

White cluster stitch beanie, white and purple scalloped beanie, both 3-6 months, $12 each (find scalloped beanie pattern HERE)
Light green and white scalloped beanie, 2-3 years, $12 *SOLD*

Brimmed beanie: all 3-6 months white, soft navy, light green, $12 each (find pattern HERE) *green is SOLD*

Pink and white Granny Stitch Sun Hat, 3-6 months, $12 (find pattern HERE)

Pink, brown, and white owl hat, 3-6 months, $18 (find pattern HERE) *SOLD*
Purple, brown, and white owl hat, 3-4 years, $18 *SOLD*

Purple and white cloche, 6 months, $12 (find pattern HERE)
Pink and white cloche, 5-6 years old, $12 *SOLD*

This cloche pattern is one of my favorite and here is my girls wearing theirs and I even made one for Sweetie's American Girl doll.

Textured brimmed beanie: both 3-6 months, brown with white flower, brown with pink flower, $12 each (find pattern HERE)
Textured brimmed beanie: 5-7 years old, brown with pink flower, $12

I attempted shoes one time, but not sure they were worth the work.  These are for sale, but I don't know if you can convince me to make them again! :)
Brown and white beanie and shoes, newborn, $25 (together)

Pink and purple cluster beanie, 12 months, $12 *SOLD*

Pink, brown, and white bow beanie, 12 months, $12 *SOLD*

Side Knot Beanie: pink, 3 months $12

Purl Stitch Beanie: grey and purple, 3 months $12

 Brown, orange, and white beanie: 18 months $12 *SOLD*
Orange pumpkin hat: 0-3 months ~ $18 *SOLD*
 Grey and pink earflap beanie: 3-6 months ~ $15
 Hello Kitty hat, pink and white: 2-3 years ~ $18 *SOLD*
 Sock Monkey Hat, red, grey and cream, (can add a flower or pompom if desired) 3-6 months ~ $18

 I've even branched out a bit from hats and made these cute sandles! Pink and white: 3-6 months ~ $12
 And this cute owl baby rattle ~ $18
I've also expanded to scarves for the coming cool weather!
Chunky Button Infinity Scarf, cream ($38 inches round, 7 inches high) ~ $22 *SOLD*

Pink girl's scarf (48 inches long) ~ $15 *SOLD*
Brown and white long skinny scarf (82 inches long) ~ $18 *SOLD*

Here are some pictures of other hats I've made for my kiddos for other ideas of what I could make for you!
Despite the sad face, he really does like his hat! :) (He was probably just mad about someone taking his toy!)

Buddy's Angry Birds Hat


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