Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vacation and Saudi Arabia

 A few weeks ago, Hubby and I took our annual night away without the kiddos.  We headed down to Seattle and spent time walking around, exploring downtown, and just relaxing.  It was so refreshing to get away!
We even took a tour of the old underground Seattle.  Our guide was a great story teller and really made it quite interesting to learn about how they built the city over the old city that burned.
 There are tons of neat looking and odd shaped buildings in that area.
 This is Seattle's library.  I thought our library was pretty good, but this one was HUGE!  I think it had 10 levels and there was even an observation deck on the top one to look down on all the other levels!
 This is the view driving down our street from the hotel.

 We didn't have a view of the water from our room, but there were some pretty neat buildings to look at just from our windows.

After that, it was back to our tour around the world for homeschool!  We spent the past two weeks in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.  I think this has been our least interesting country to study.  So much of it is about Islam and our kids are still too young to dive too deep into that, but we still found a few things that they enjoyed.
We made a No-Ruz centerpiece which consisted of sprouting lentil seeds in a pan.  No-Ruz is Iran's new year celebration and they grow a green centerpiece that on the last day of their celebration is thrown into a stream to symbolize throwing away unhappy times from the old year.

We also learned a little about the ancient country of Ur (Iraq) and how he used a cylinder seal to stamp his official documents.  So we used play-do to practice making our own seal.

 Instead of having a large feast on our last day, we just had fun making and trying out hummus.  It was interesting tasting, but I don't think anyone really loved it.

 And next week we are off to India!


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