Sunday, February 3, 2013


We have spent the past 3 weeks exploring Africa, and especially Kenya!  This has by far been our most favorite place to learn about!  I think it is because the land and culture is so different from ours that it makes it more exciting for the kids.
The littles are still learning their letters and we did M, N, and O these past weeks.  What better way to learning sorting and counting than with M&Ms right? :)

 We learned how to play the traditional African game Mancala and the kids have been playing it constantly.  They even beat Hubby and I sometimes, they are getting good!

 We spent a couple days shaping safari animals out of clay and then painting them so the kids could make a safari scene with them.

 We also had fun making colorful necklaces and drums to use during our African feast.  Right before the feast we painted our faces like some of the tribes do (although I'm sure their traditional painting doesn't look much like our did!).

 We enjoyed trying out a couple new dishes of luku, irio, and pineapple tapioca pudding.  We all agreed that it was tasty except most of us would have just left out the hard boiled eggs in the luku. :)
Now for a week off, and then we will be off to Asia!


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