Monday, January 14, 2013

Strengthening our Immune Systems

Last year, we were sick from before Thanksgiving until after Christmas.  As soon as one cold or stomach bug made it's way (usually slowly!) through all of us, someone would come down with something new and start it all over again.  I was determined to do something about it this year before fall came around again, so over the summer I did lots of research about how we could boost our immune systems to prevent and/or shorten the sicknesses this year.  Two things kept popping up in the things I read: thieves oil and elderberry syrup. 

First let me tell you about the thieves oil.  I learned about it first from my blog friend Granola Mom 4 God in her post that explains a little more about it.  I put some in a bottle with coconut oil and put a roller top on it so we could rub it on the kids' feet every day.  For myself, I put a drop in an empty gel capsule and swallow it that way.  (You can swallow it by itself if you want, but it is a very strong taste!)
The second remedy we have been using is elderberry syrup.  I actually have two recipes that we use.  The first is one that we take daily to help prevent illness.  You can find the recipe HERE.  The second one is one that we use when we have gotten sick.  It is a honey tincture and you can find the recipe HERE.  This one also helps reduce fevers and is not recommended to be taken daily, but when one of the kids has gotten sick everyone gets it once a day for a few days and 2-3 times a day if they are sick.
The results for our family have been a huge improvement over last years long bouts of being sick.  The week before Christmas a couple of the kids got runny noses and sore throats, but it only lasted for 2 days instead of hanging on for much longer.  And this week, Lovebug and Peanut each had a stomach bug that lasted about 6-8 hours.  A couple times Hubby has said he's not feeling well and not long after taking Thieves oil in a capsule is feeling better.  Another thing that I think it has helped me with is cold sores.  I used ALWAYS get a cold sore when I didn't get enough sleep.  But even after quite a few late nights for Christmas parties and other things, I haven't had a cold sore in months!
After much research, these are things that we have found that are working for our family.  However, I am not a doctor or other medical professional, so please do your own research or talk with your doctor about what's best for your and your family's health.

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Megan Kaiser said...

That is AWESOME! I cannot wait to use this. My family went through a sting of two colds, it took us until well after Christmas to have everybody well. We were doing as much natural as we could. I recently discovered Thieves Oil (and got some). I have never heard of elderberry syrup...I am so excited now to learn of it. Where did you buy it?? We are going through a mild cold/allergies hubby is pretty under the weather and he has to work. I need to give him some thieves.

Michelle - Blessed Mom of 4 said...

Hi Megan!
You can purchase ready made elderberry syrup (amazon, vitacost, etc) or you can follow the links for the recipes in my post to make your own. I have found it much cheaper to make your own and I purchased my dried berries from Amazon. There are probably other places to purchase them too.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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