Sunday, October 21, 2012

O Canada!

We are still in North America in our trip around the world and we spent the past two weeks learning about Canada!  Since much of southern Canada is fairly similar to our culture, we focused more on learning about the Inuits of the north and the French.  Our curriculum comes with a geography game that we played a lot of and the kids are getting pretty good at remembering where the countries of North America are located!

The Inuits do a lot of soapstone carving, so we tried out some carving on a bar of soap.  It was a lot harder that we thought it would be because the kids aren't old enough to use real sharp knives and regular table ones just didn't cut so well.  But they still had fun making a mess with the shavings!

 My parents found this huge bull frog at their house and brought it over for the kids to see.  They had lots of fun looking it up to see what kind it was, measuring it, and watching it try to jump out of the box.  Since we are only about a mile from the Canadian border, we figure they must have frogs like it in Canada too! :)

We also spent some time building "igloos" like the Inuits live in.  Except we used sugar cubes and marshmallows!  It was fun trying to figure out how to carefully lean them slowly toward each other to curve a roof over it.  We couldn't get it with the sugar cubes though and ended up adding a paper roof to the top.

Of course, the kids' favorite part was eating it when we were all done!

 We did some leave rubbings of maple leaves.

We also had a lot of fun learning about hockey.  The kids spent quite a bit of time in our haymow with my dad's old hockey equipment playing floor hockey.  My grandparents also gave us this table hockey game and they had fun taking turns playing each other on it.

 And of course we did some regular things like math.  Sweetie practiced her money skills by buying candy from the candy store.
 Lovebug learned how to make letter Fs.
 And Peanut likes playing with her stacking shapes, but mostly she just has fun trying to do everything everyone else is doing! :)
 This coming week we are taking a week off, and then we are heading to South America!


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